Crime and Crime Prevention

Crime and Crime Prevention

An affluent area is a magnet for criminals but there is a lot that residents can do to reduce the risks.

  1. Mark your treasured possessions with SmartWater, an invisible coding system that can tag and identify criminals if they steal or handle stolen goods. Go to
  2. DO NOT leave valuable items and briefcases visible in your car.
  3. If you have a high performance or desirable car, make sure the wheels are protected with locking nuts.
  4. Cybercrime is a wide subject which all mobile phone and computer users must be aware of. The police have plenty of advice available online at but 2 basic rules are: be highly suspicious of any proposed transaction that starts with an unsolicited phone call, text message or email communication; secondly, download nothing unless you know its provenance. Find out more at You should also report to this website any cybercrime you suffer.
  5. Protect your computer by having a two prong security access, such as password + fingerprint. Make sure your password is sufficiently obscure. Bob123 won’t keep a hacker out of your laptop for long.
  6. Keep well informed via the local info network Next Door It may be wise to anonymise your name and address when creating an account on Next Door.

Police Phone Numbers
999 for emergencies: 101 for anything else.

You can report cybercrime and related frauds to: or phone Action Fraud on 0300 123 20 40


Added: 11th April 2019

Protecting residents' interests in Onslow Square, South Kensington

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