Garden Rules

Garden Rules

The South Kensington Estate Garden Rules

These rules seek to ensure that authorised users can enjoy these private ornamental gardens in a manner which does not detract from the orderly enjoyment of the gardens.

  1. Gates must be locked after entering and leaving.
  2. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times and must not use the gardens in a manner which could cause nuisance or annoyance to fellow garden users.
  3. Flower picking, climbing of trees and entering the garden borders is prohibited. The efforts of authorised users not to cause damage to the grass, trees or plants are appreciated.
  4. No cycling, rollerblading, use of scooters or skating etc. for those older than five years old. Children’s toys must not be stored on communal grounds and could be removed if left for an extended period of time. The use of scooters and bikes for children aged five years and younger is allowed when supervised by an adult on pathways.
  5. No ball or racket games are permitted for anyone over the age of five. Soft ball games are allowed for children aged five years and younger when supervised by an adult.
  6. Organised parties/events are not permitted.
  7. The paved and lawn areas must not be used as an area to undertake building preparatory works. Such work must be undertaken within your demised premises.
  8. No musical instruments to be played or audio equipment to be played out loud. The use of the garden area during unsociable hours is also prohibited.
  9. Removal of garden benches from the gardens is prohibited.
  10. Users are prohibited from bringing household pets into the gardens.
  11. Decorative railings must not be used as a fixture for hanging clothing or household articles.
  12. Keys remain the property of The Wellcome Trust and must not be lent to or used by any unauthorised persons.
  13. In the event that a key is lost, a replacement will be made available at a cost of approximately £15 + Vat.
  14. All litter, waste and belongings are to be taken away by garden users.
  15. The Wellcome Trust reserves the right to withdraw access to the garden from any persons deemed to have infringed these rules.
  16. All correspondence in connection with the garden should be addressed to Luke O’Connell at Savills (UK) Ltd. Address: 33 Margaret Street, London, W1G 0JD. Telephone: 020 7499 8644.

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