St Paul's Church - Now HTB Onslow Square

St Paul's Church - Now HTB Onslow Square

The church in Onslow Square was created as an integral part of Freake's development of the square. The church was built during 1859-60, designed by James Edmeston working with Charles Freake's office. Its facade is in Kentish ragstone and the church is an example of the Perpendicular style. In 1876, a church hall was constructed and this was extended in 1893. Modern accommodation for the incumbents was created in 1970 by local architect Hugh Brady During the 1980’s CoE services became increasingly sporadic and then ceased completely.

The church is now administered by Holy Trinity Brompton and is one of a number of London churches run by the Alpha Group, a popular charismatic Christian organisation.

As this is a residential area, it was determined that the Church and its attendant buildings could not be converted into a type of college or seminary, as this amounted to a commercial use of the premises.

OSRA is of course supportive of the use of St Paul's as a regular parish church with attendant outreach and parochial activities. OSRA and HTB now meet regularly to ensure that plans and interests of churchgoers and residents are discussed and aligned as far as is possible.

Protecting residents' interests in Onslow Square, South Kensington

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